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Activities and Services

Nights with Friends

Every night is different at Wanderlust, and if you haven't made friends yet, it's about time! 
Our theme nights are guaranteed fun, we plan games and activities every day, Karaoke, Beerpong,  Flip the cup, whatever you can think of!

And if you are one of the shy ones, maybe we can incentivize you with some prize ;)

But if you want to sleep, relax, we have more activities for you waiting in the morning :)

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Barbecue & Bar

Because we think of everything, if there is something that we could not miss, it was a good Uruguayan grill.
We also have varied gastronomic proposals every night, we coordinate different events with artists from the region, and we delight you with the best craft beers and drinks.

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Breakfast together

Who will get up to make breakfast? Nobody? No volunteers? Well, don't worry, our friendly staff has already taken care of everything and is waiting for you to have breakfast and recharge batteries.
Shall we tell you the best part?
It is free for all our guests! ;)

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Surf, StandUp Paddle & Kitesurf

Another of the great attractions of the spa are the water sports in which surfing and kitesurfing stand out, that is why we receive visitors from all over the world wanting to live this experience.
If you are still a beginner, fortunately we have alliances with the best schools in both disciplines, consult us and we will advise you;)


Bicycle Rental

One of our favorite activities is to visit the town and its corners, and one of the best ways to do it is by taking a bike ride.
Don't you have yours? Don't worry, you can rent one with us and in minutes you'll be ready for action.


We also know that there are times for everything and sometimes we have to work, that is why we also take the best care of our digital nomads, we offer comfortable work spaces, with the best internet connection, and with preferential rates if they want to do ours your home, check out our weekly/monthly plans and
feel like a local ;)

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